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WEBBCO ITO 500Y (FB13786)

Our top donor, +500y is a T/F Itomichi ½ daughter with Lone Mountain roots on the bottom side.  She has 2 crosses to the high marbling JVP Fukutsuru 068 on the bottom side of her pedigree along with the great Sanjirou; making this one of the top marbling pedigrees you will find. TF Itomichi ½  brings the frame, strength and and production of the Shimane line into the pedigree.  She is free of all undesirable recessives by pedigree

From one ET flush she produced 7 Hirashigetayasu daughters and one son. 4 of the daughters rated in tenderness AA7 or higher and the bull rated AA9.   He recently was sold privately to a bull stud with plans to market his semen in Asia

She has 7 Hirashigetayasu daughters and   She has 2 Z278 daughters testing AA for SCD fat.  Her Michyoshi son who is AA - 9 for SCD and tenderness sold in the Prime Time International Sale on August 6, 2016.

WEBBCO TAKA 541Y (FB13790) 

541y is another foundation cow being a Takazakura out of a popular Sanjirou daughter originally from Lone Mountain.  She has a beautiful Beijirou daugher and 2 nice Kitaguni Jr heifers as well.  More offspring are on the way from her.

WEBBCO HIRA 151 (FB11748) & WEBBCO HIRA 294 (FB11747)   

151X and 294X are full sisters that give us a strong representation from Crescent Harbor.  They are Hirashigetayasu daughters from a Sanjirou daughter.  151X has 3 daughters from a Shigeshigetani son that is now in the Snake River program.

294 has a nice Akiyoshi daughter and a Kitaguni Jr son at Snake river with a SCD, Tenderness rank of AA-7.

2 other young cows 833Z (FB15414) and 848Z (FB15415) are full sisters that complete the foundation of JW Wagyu. They are Yojimbo daughters from a Taka / Michifuku cow with many offspring.  We have calves and pregnancies from both of these cows. 


Below are 7 Daughters from WEBBCO ITO 500Y (FB13786)